H9003 Triumph - Ultimate Gaming Headset

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Oculus Rift

Reinforced Adjustable Headband

Ergonomic comfort, adjust the perfect fit for your head size. Durable design, for long lasting comfort.


7.1 Surround Audio

Experience immersion in game, know where shots are being fired from for that extra edge.


Noise Cancellation

360° noise isolation via discretely hidden microphone. Game with quality audio, clear communication with your teammates.


Stub Mic - Clear Audio, out of your way

Unique Stub Mic style allows clear voice communication without feeling a mic boom is always in your way.

Long Lasting Comfort Ergonomic head suspension band, extra soft ear cups.

Triumph - Features What makes it an eSports Gaming Headset?

Ergonomic Comfort - Long lasting head support via a soft suspension headband. Play for hours without feeling contact fatigue with the soft ear cups.

Enhance Game Audio - add a little extra to your gaming experience with enhancing vibration on the bass notes of your audio.

40MM / 1.6 inch Drivers - Clear and loud earphone drivers. Enjoy immersive in game soundtrack and clear communication with fellow players.

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