EPIIC Mirror HUD - Bring Driving into the Future.

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Make Driving Safer

Project your smartphone screen in front of you keeping your eyes on the road.


Project your Favorite Apps

Use your favorite navigation apps, including Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, and others...


Safely get Notifications

Get your smartphone notifications projected onto the HUD without obstructing your driving field of view.


Open Platform - Works with all Apps

The Mirror HUD is compatible with all apps on your smartphone. As your apps improve with updates, so too does the HUD.

A Smarter and Safer Drive We rely on our smartphones more than ever, the EPIIC Mirror HUD lets you do so safely while driving.

EPIIC Mirror HUD - Features What does it work?

Display Projection - Using a compact projector to beam your smartphone's display onto the HUD's glass screen placed on the windshield. The projector always ensures a clear image by automatically adjusts the brightness to compensate for the amount of light is hitting your windshield.

Unobstructed Field of View - The HUD is a specially designed glass screen placed directly on the windshield in front of the driver. Naturally being glass, is completely transparent, allowing the driver to see through the it. Projected images appear to float on the road in front of the driver.

Notifications with Hands Free - Working together with your smartphone's voice assistant (Such as Siri or Google Assistant), the EPIIC Mirror HUD can provide hands free, voice controlled responding to incoming notifications.

Countless Apps - The EPIIC Mirror HUD projects anything on your smartphone's display, this means that practically any app you like will work with the HUD.

iOS Compatible - Works with the iPhone. Simply connect it using a Lightning to HDMI connection.

Android Compatible - Works with newer Android Phones with MHL Support. Please refer to the official list of MHL Supported Devices.

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